Ready or Not (2010) Award winning short London based thriller by UK based filmmaker Mark Kuczewski

Uploaded on Monday 25 October 2010


What would you do in a deserted London!

Film Festivals:
No Limits
BKSTS Screening at BFI London
NAHIMI Eat Our Shorts
Limelight Awards
Roots to Shoots
Birmingham Arts Fest
Golden Knight International Film Festival
Film Annex
No Limits - Best Cinematography
No Limits - Best Acting
No Limits - Best Editing
No Limits - No Limits Award
Limelight Awards - Best Thriller
Limelight Awards - Film of the Night
Roots to Shoots - Best Student
Roots to Shoots - Best Cinematography
No Limits: Best Editing
No Limits: No Limits Award
Limelight Awards - Best Thriller
Film Annex: Film of the Month


Language: English

Year of Production: 2010

Length: 05:00

Country: United Kingdom

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